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In this episode of the BGL Cannabis Business Podcast, Chris Cox and Chris Cahill discuss how to get into the cannabis industry and starting a cannabis business.

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Most people that want to get a cannabis license are unaware of the high costs, and tedious steps that are part of the entire application process. So we’ve decided to address these issues to bring awareness to the high barriers to entry to this space.

The team addresses dives deep into the different marijuana business types. Most have heard of a cannabis growing license and a dispensary license, which are some of the plant-touching marijuana business types. However, few are aware of the opportunities in distributing, manufacturing, packaging and processing cannabis.

So, how do you start a cannabis business?

First, familiarize yourself with the options available in your area and what will be best suited for your expertise. Once you find a space, the next phase is to determine what the costs are going to be and what it will take to be successful.

Chris Cox and Chris Cahill, host the best cannabis business podcast. Their combined years of experience and love of sharing their knowledge and wisdom with cannabis entrepreneurs has yielded amazing results for their clients.

Where other consultants, lawyers, and other similarly educated professionals have failed, Cox and Cahill have succeeded! Chris Cox has a unique talent for teaching cannabis entrepreneurship, he and his team have mastered how to get a cannabis business license.

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