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The popularity of CBD keeps growing, as does the enthusiasm for CBD for dogs. Yet: Even though more and more people are talking about it, there is still a lot of confusion and a lack of information out there about it.

As a dog owner, you might be wary about giving your little buddy CBD for dogs without learning more about it. If so, you’re in the right place! In this video, we talk about CBD for dogs, specifically comparing Hemp Seed Oil and Whole Plant Hemp Oil.

We’ll take you through what each of them is, and what we recommend for use as CBD for dogs.

We talk about the need for safety when it comes to giving things like CBD for our pets, and why CBD is generally safe.

Finally, we offer some tips on how to find the best CBD products for dogs.

Check out this video today, and for more info, head here: https://baileyscbd.com/blogs/news/hemp-seed-oil-vs-whole-plant-hemp-oil-for-dogs