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Talking on Curing cancer patients with cannabis oil in tedx India

#GLM_India: Breaking the taboo on Cannabis at the TEDx platform.
We will ensure justice for all the cancer victims in this country..
Gaanja / Bhaang is not a bad drug.

its an ancient medicine of Ayurveda which is prohibited for no reason and kept away from all of humanity.

Because it can cure almost all of the diseases..

yes it does..

Imagine the number of medical and chemical companies in the world that would collapse if there is a simple plant that everyone can grow in their homes and use them to live free from all diseases? Pharmaceutical companies will lose billions of dollars if this plant is accessible by humans. So, they decided that its much easier to take that plant away from the society by brainwashing everyone that it is a bad drug. But in reality it has been used in our native medicines since pre-vedic times. This plant is one of the best medicinal plant in the entire world.

Because, Cannabis produces cannabinoids which can activate our Endo-Cannabinoid system whose main responsibility is to keep our body and mind in a balanced state. Using cannabis means that our body and mind can work synergistically to prevent the rise of any sort of imbalance in the body and also bring back the imbalanced functions to healthy normal levels.

What Next?
Legalise it, and bring the plant back to Ayurveda..

What can you do?
Be a part of our movement and support us along the way.,


Our website is gonna be out in 2 days and we are launching many projects that will lead to legalisation.

Beyond that, Cancer and almost a hundred other diseases will be beaten soon.

If u care about it., stay in touch! 🙂
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