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I am at a 400 acer farm in southern Oregon that has some of the biggest cannabis plants I have seen in the United States.

Last episode I offered farmers an opportunity to sell their smokeable CBD flower and the response has been overwhelming.

I spoke to the farmer about the biggest problems he sees going into the 2019 CBD Cannabis Harvest.

Donny, what is the biggest mistake you have seen new Cannabis farmers have made going into the harvest season?

Donny, what did you do before you decided to start growing Cannabis this season?

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I am back at the Cannabis farm in Central Oregon. The first thing I notice is these plants are not getting enough water!
This hot dry climate and high winds are causing serious water evaporation, causing some plants to wilt.
When irrigating your farm you should be able to put your index finger one knuckle deep into the soil near the base of the plant and feel moister at the tip of your finger. If you don’t feel moisture, irrigate!
Over irrigation can cause root rot which is the prolonged exposure of the plant’s roots to overwatered conditions, which causes the roots to die, due to a lack of oxygen. Remember the keyword is prolonged!

Watering every other day, or every two days would be optimal for this farm in this region.

This farmer has another problem, see the yellowing of these leaves, it indicates a nutrient problem in the soil.

The farmer needs to test the soil in these areas to see what is going on with his fertilization and correct the problem.

For precise control of fertilization for your CBD farm, use a nutrient system that is integrated with your irrigation system.

A good irrigation system always has the right hardware, planning, design, and proper installation to get optimal results for your cannabis plants.

Remember your cannabis needs three things in harmony to thrive. Sun, water, and nutrients!

In our next episode this young farmer gets his Cannabis farm on track as he heads into harvest season and now must focus on pest control, harvesting, and selling of his Cannabis!

Beautiful central Oregon, perfect for CBD farming. I’m visiting a cannabis farm that is way behind schedule this season! A young farmer is planting 45,000 cannabis plants on 35 acres, hoping to get 2 pounds of biomass per plant, with 20% CBD content, he wants to generate over six million dollars in revenue this season! But still has no plants in the ground. CBD biomass sells for three dollars and fifty cents per percentage point of CBD content, per pound. Question is can the farmer get the cannabis planted in time? Growing cannabis that has 20% CBD content is not easy! Two pounds of biomass per plant? Probably not! More like 1 pound! Next week you will see this young farmer fight to get his cannabis into the ground! Like what you see click the subscribe button below. Click the bell icon to get notified of the new weekly episodes.

What does it take to become a successful CBD Cannabis Broker? Should I pursue the buyer or the seller? Who do I sell my biomass too? What should I charge? How do I get paid?
Follow me from start to finish on a real CBD deal. See how I secure the grower. Be with me in the field during harvest time. And finally, see how I close the deal, and collect my money.
This series will show you an actual CBD deal from start to finish. I will take you to actual cannabis farms and processing facilities. You will see a farm from planting to harvest. You will see me negotiate with the buyers and the sellers. You will be a part of this deal from start to finish!
Welcome to the new age of Cannabis Farming. We as a society have waited too long for this day to come. CBD has changed medicine and placed us on a path that the government can no longer halt.
Welcome to freedom my friend!