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Does Hemp Clothing make you curious?
Know the process from farm to fashion.

Hemp originates from a native Indian plant called Cannabis Sativa, found in different regions across India. It’s a miracle plant as every bit of it is a useful resource.
Let’s know more how Hemp plant is converted into clothing.

Hemp is a bast fiber plant.
Long slender primary fibres on the outer portion of the stalk characterize bast fibre plants.
The bark of the Hemp stalk contains bast fibres, which are among the Earth’s Longest Natural soft fibres which are also rich in cellulose.

Removing short secondary fibres from the stem of the plant involves the process of Retting, in which the plant is harvested and stems are laid into water. This process can also happen naturally with the help of dew which is called Dew Retting.

After Retting, Hemp stems are dried to Hemp stalks and then these stalks are passed through the process of Decortication, where the woody core is removed by Scotching and we get Hemp Bast fibre.

Hemp Bast fibre is then softened, combed and takes the form of Raw fibre.

The Raw fibre is further processed, cleansed and disentangled. This process is known as Carding and we get the Carded fibre.

The Carded fibre is further bleached and we get a White Bleached fibre which is ready to get spun.

The fibre is then spun into yarn, which is then either taken to Dyeing or Weaving. The bleached/dyed yarn is then woven into fabrics. The Bleached fabric is further piece dyed to different colours.

And then we have Hemp fabrics crafted with immense care, into Tailored Garments.
These are then labelled and packed with love and dispatched to your doorstep!
Take a step to a greener tomorrow by choosing Natural Hemp Clothing.


Client: B Label by Bombay Hemp Company(BOHECO)
Agency: Doorbeen Creatives
Concept & Direction: Doorbeen Creatives – Saurabh Singh Rajput, Pranidhi Gupta
Photography: Pranidhi Gupta
Editing: Doorbeen Creatives